Certified Tester Advanced Level-Test Analyst-ISTQB


This training course gives detailed information on the specifics of different testing techniques: specification based techniques; defect and experience based test techniques, their characteristics, their boundaries – all is done while extending the range of their usage are evaluated. When you have covered the material, you will be expected to be able to demonstrate that you have a deep understanding of all the activities related to the functional testing.

Intended audience

Advanced Level Test Analyst qualification is aimed at people who have achieved an advanced point of their careers in software testing. This included people in roles such as:

  • Test engineer
  • Test analyst
  • Business analyst Software Test Engineers/Quality Assurance Engineers


With Certification:

  • At least 2 years of testing experience.
  • Basic diploma of Foundation level.
  • Proven experience in testing - Employees - employer letter, Independents - a letter from the customers.
  • Document "Code of Ethics" Sign.

Without Certification:

At least 2 years of testing experience practical experience as Test/Quality Assurance Engineer.


  • Structure the tasks defined in the test strategy in terms of business domain requirements.
  • Analyze the system in sufficient detail to meet the user quality expectations.
  • Evaluate the system requirements to determine domain validity.
  • Prepare and execute the adequate activities, and report on their progress.
  • Provide the necessary evidence to support evaluations.
  • Implement the necessary tools and techniques to achieve the defined goals.


  • Introduction to Test Analyst Syllabus
  • Basic Aspects of Software Testing
  • Testing Processes
  • Test Management
  • Test Techniques
  • Test of Software Characteristics
  • Reviews
  • Incident Management
  • Test Tools & Automation
  • People Skills – Team Composition

Course Date & Time
5-9 March 2018 | 9:00am to 5:00pm
5 Days
Course Details
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Course Fees
SGD 2,400
Corporate Discount Fees
SGD 1,600
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  • Inclusive of Certification Exam

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