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2-11 Microsoft World Wide Partner

SELA listed among top finalists for the 2011 Microsoft Learning Competency Innovation Partner of the Year Award


ISTQB-International Software Testing Qualifications Board

The ISTQB® was officially founded as an International Software Testing Qualifications Board in Edinburgh in November 2002. They are responsible for the international qualification scheme called ISTQB® Certified Tester.

It is the ISTQB®’s role to support a single, universally accepted, international qualification scheme, aimed at software and system testing professionals, by providing the core syllabus and by setting guidelines for accreditation and examination for national boards.


SGTQB-Singapore Testing Qualification Board

SGTQB® (Singapore Testing Qualifications Board) is the Singapore Organization for certification of software testers and is the accredited representative in Singapore of the ISTQB® (International Software Testing Qualification Board). SGTQB® supports the certification program for Software Testing professions, and carries out examinations for International certification, in accordance with different professional levels of knowledge. This program must adhere to the International standards of the ISTQB®, in accordance with ISTQB®'s statue, which is publicized and updated from time to time.