Our Partners

2-11 Microsoft World Wide Partner


We collaborate with Microsoft Azure to empower your scalability through the capabilities of the Cloud.

Sela takes pride in being recognized as an Azure Expert MSP. Our objective is to support companies in managing applications across various clouds, on-premises environments, and at the edge, utilizing the tools and frameworks of their preference.

With a strong emphasis on business orientation and extensive Azure expertise, we are committed to guiding your cloud journey towards your next level of growth. Over the past 13 years, our team of experts has assisted over 200 satisfied clients in achieving their technical and business objectives. This includes overseeing more than 600 migration projects and offering a diverse portfolio of services.

Since 2008, Sela has been at the forefront of Azure solutions, offering comprehensive services with our team of seasoned senior consultants. Our expertise spans Cloud PaaS Architecture, Azure Infrastructure, network management, Big Data solutions on Azure, and optimizing Azure solutions.

Our consultants have assisted numerous companies and organizations in Azure implementation while delivering expert talks and seminars globally.

Sela holds the prestigious status of being a Microsoft Gold partner in Cloud Platform, Learning Solutions, Application Lifecycle Management, and Application Development.

As a principal partner of the Azure accelerator worldwide, Sela delivers solutions in more than 30 countries.

As an esteemed partner of Microsoft Azure and the leading MSP expert in the Middle East and Africa region, we are dedicated to empowering your growth through the cloud.

At Sela, we are committed to delivering top-notch services based on best practices, led by dependable, transparent, and steadfast professionals who strive to offer the most cutting-edge products. Acting as your trusted advisors, we will work tirelessly to ensure your success by providing flexible solutions, knowledge transfer, and round-the-clock technical support.

ISTQB-International Software Testing Qualifications Board


The ISTQB® was officially founded as an International Software Testing Qualifications Board in Edinburgh in November 2002. They are responsible for the international qualification scheme called ISTQB® Certified Tester.

It is the ISTQB®’s role to support a single, universally accepted, international qualification scheme, aimed at software and system testing professionals, by providing the core syllabus and by setting guidelines for accreditation and examination for national boards.

SGTQB-Singapore Testing Qualification Board


SGTQB® (Singapore Testing Qualifications Board) is the Singapore Organization for certification of software testers and is the accredited representative in Singapore of the ISTQB® (International Software Testing Qualification Board). SGTQB® supports the certification program for Software Testing professions, and carries out examinations for International certification, in accordance with different professional levels of knowledge. This program must adhere to the International standards of the ISTQB®, in accordance with ISTQB®'s statue, which is publicized and updated from time to time.